How to Choose the Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

Buying best acoustic-electric guitar is a-dream-comes true for most of you reading this post. However, it is not easy to choose the best electric acoustic guitar. Moreover, it is an emotional as well as financial issue. So I will suggest you not to part with your money unless you have made sure that this is the best acoustic electric guitar that you were dreaming of.

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Let’s make things easier for you. For a smooth, fun and lovey-dovey experience, first of all forget money matters for a while. Just think of that magical instrument present in your hand, enjoy this amazing feeling! Now come back into the reality and let’s go shopping your acoustic electric guitar.



What Is An Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

Acoustic-Electric Guitars (Electro-Acoustic Guitar) are advanced offspring of Acoustic Guitar. Primarily acoustic guitars were electrified to increase sound amplification. However, modern acoustic electric guitars are far more advance and sophisticated.

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Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Shadow Preamp, Vintage Sunburst

By appearance acoustic-electric guitars are similar to acoustic guitars. However, it has pickup installed in the bridge. Its controls are built either at the side or at the edge of body panels. Volume, Tone, EQ, Tuner are some of the controls of an acoustic-electric guitar.

Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar has all the properties of an acoustic guitar and can be played exactly as an acoustic guitar. If you need extra sounds, you just plug it into an amplifier. It will amplify the sound of the guitar.

Note: It’s depends on the type of acoustic-electric guitar, some acoustic-electric guitars which designed comes closer to an electric guitar with some acoustic properties. For instance, semi-acoustic guitar

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Difference between Acoustic/Acoustic-Electric and Electric Guitars:

Difference between Acoustic-Electric and Electric Guitar:

  • An acoustic electric guitar can be played plugged-in as well as unplugged-in. Whereas, an electric guitar can be played only when it is plugged-in.
  • Electric guitars have a lot of knobs to deal with; on the other hand, best acoustic electric guitar is easy-to-use and is simple to play.
  • Acoustic electric guitar has a sound hole which is usually a round hole in the top of the guitar under the strings of its body. Electric guitar have solid body.

Difference between Acoustic/Acoustic Electric:

  • An acoustic-electric guitar can be plugged in to an electric amplifier for the sound louder whereas acoustic guitar can only produced by the vibrations of the strings (if you don’t use acoustic guitar pickup), “amplified” by the body and the wood of the guitar.
  • An acoustic-electric guitar can be played with rock music and gives extra resonance when plugged-in.

Why to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar?

Well that’s a silly question but we will answer it anyway. People consider that acoustic electric guitars are generally easier to play. This is true if you only want to play louder and louder, without making any musical sense.

You can say that acoustic electric guitar is easier and fun to play as compare to its cousin electric guitar; however, we can conclude that the easiest guitar to play is the one that you enjoy playing.

The best acoustic electric guitar will give that ecstatic feeling that you feel when a seasoned musician is playing. Moreover, you can play it plugged as well as unplugged, an opportunity that can neither be availed neither with acoustic guitar nor with electric guitar. And who knows some day you might be playing your guitar on a big high stage with thousands cheering youngsters dancing on your tunes.

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar?

There are different things that you should consider before buying your best acoustic electric guitar.

Your Style:

Every guitarist has his own unique style of playing the instrument. Similarly, every musician has some requirements as well as constraints in his mind.

Some want big body, other prefers soft nylon strings over steel strings,… Whereas, some have budget restraints that keep them off. When you decide to buy your best electric acoustic guitar you should make your mind clear. You must keep in mind your budget. Branded electric acoustic guitars are awesome but they might make big holes in your pocket. So be realistic while choosing the best electric acoustic guitar.

Choose the Acoustic-Electric Guitar You Love the Most:

It often happens; image of a guitar enters into the head and refuses to come out no matter what you do. In such conditions you should try to get that one, either by saving or by purchasing a similar second-copy of that acoustic electric guitar. You should play a device that you like most only then you will be able to enjoy it.

Play Each Guitar Present in the Store:

Yes, literally play every single guitar before buying that darling one. This will help you find out which piece sounds best. Start with the first one and make mental notes of the tune that you hear.

Do not come back to that first piece until you have tried all of them present in the store. The very first piece might blow out all the others or may be another one catches your fascination.

Another important factor is to play the guitar plugged as well as unplugged. When you shortlist your favorite best electric acoustic guitar take it in a corner and play it.

Check for the Tuner:

Most of the best acoustic-electronic guitars give you liberty of controlling tunes and sounds. Moreover, some of the best electric acoustic guitars come with built-in tuners that give far more options than old 80’s people can ever dream of.

Resources: Some top best acoustic-electro guitars that maybe you love

 How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar? How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar?
  • Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Guitarist Rating  How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar? (4.7 / 5)
  • Over 40 guitarist choose it and review on Amazon
  • Video Review
  • Top: Solid Spruce - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Back, Neck and Sides: Maple
  • Striking cutaway for total fret access
  • Epiphone headstock with premium die-cast gold
  • Includes the new Epiphone eSonic2 preamp system built-in
  • Include Master Volume, NanoFlex Tone, NanoMag Tone, Stereo Blend, Low Battery
  • Under the EJ-200CE's Compensated saddle is Shadow's proprietary NanoFlex
  • It sounds great unplugged, but really comes alive when you plug-in
 How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar? How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar?
  • Fender T-Bucket 300CE Cutaway, Fishman Preamp
  • Guitarist Rating  How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar? (4.5 / 5)
  • Over 60 guitarist choose it and review on Amazon
  • Video Review
  • Top: Laminated Flame Maple - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Back and Sides: Laminated Mahogany - Neck: Maple
  • Striking cutaway for total fret access
  • Chrome die-cast tuning keys
  • Includes Fishman® Isys III System with Active On-Board Pre-Amp
  • Controls: Built In Chromatic Tuner with On/Off Switch, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble
  • The fishman preamp with built in tuner work excellent
  • Nice look, nice sound, great playability and all around a good guitar for the price!
 How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar? How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar?

How to Test the Sound of Acoustic-Electric Guitar ?

Some of the first time buyers are shy to test sound of the acoustic electric guitar in the store (don’t tell me you are one of them! icon wink How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar? ). You shouldn’t be shy of testing the guitar on which you are going to spend YOUR money. In fact, the salesman is also expecting you asking to test the guitar before buying it.

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Here are some of the points that will help you choose your best electric acoustic guitar:

  • Start checking chords of the acoustic electric guitar. Play a few chords as well as up and down the fret board. This will help you measure responsiveness of the fret board. So how is the sound? Fantabulous? Superb, let’s move to the other step.
  • Check the distance between strings and fret board, low action with increased playability and high action allow you to strum really hard without adding noise. Make sure that the strings as well as fret board is properly responding by following previous step.
  • Check your acoustic electric guitar plugged as well as unplugged.
  • Ask the shopkeeper or the salesman if there is an amplifier room. Check the sound in that room.
  • Most of the guitars present in the stores have old worn out strings. Because of this reason an acoustic-electric guitar won’t produce the sound that it otherwise would have done. If you have extra bucks ask the shopkeeper to change the strings for you. New and best acoustic guitar strings will give new experience of exceptional sound.

What If I Don’t Like An Acoustic-Electric Guitar As Much As I Anticipated?

Well this will not happen if you use your wits. As a beginner you should not start with a thousand dollar guitar. Instead start with comparatively cheaper guitars. The best way is to take advice of someone who actually knows about playing acoustic-electronic guitars. Moreover, it is not necessary that the salesman always give you accurate and reliable information about the guitar.

Choosing best electric acoustic guitar does not mean compromising on quality or on money. According to seasoned guitarists and musicians a good quality acoustic electric guitar will cost you somewhere between 300$ – 600$.

Some people purchase cheap acoustic-electric guitars and then complain about the low quality sound and lack of ‘fun-thing’. So don’t be one of such jerks. Make a decent budget, follow your own style and your plan and take suggestions of an experienced guitarist.

Keep Your Investment Safe:

Your best electric acoustic guitar is your friend for life. When you spend 300$+ on an instrument you need to take its important care. Instead of putting it here and there or wrapping it in a thin plastic case, it is good to have a hard-shell guitar case. The Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar is your best friend and it surely deserves best treatment.

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